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@wartty He's in a Luxury Ball, I couldn't find my Love Ball Bunearys lol, I hatched him like a day ago, it only has Fake Out because I was breeding them for my M-Lopunny and I only wanted Fake Out. Nickname: Yoghurt and it's -Sp.Def sorry
@"Anabel" Lol bth I just want it for my shinydex so IVs don't matter :p I'll get those guys ready for tomorrow morning <3 might ask for a rare candy or two as well if you don't mind :p
@wartty ok my dude.
Hey @"wratty" can you get me a ha feralligatr?
@iimlF4nT4Sy loool wratty xP just for saying that I'll give you a lure ball one for free ~
@wartty haha if never noticed you are called wartty sorry
@"Anabel" got your 8 babies ready ~ would that buneary and 2 rare candies be an acceptable trade? :p
@wartty sorry man, I was asleep. I'll collect whenever you're ready, but are you sure that is all you want
@anabel you around now? I'll add you up I'm just passively wondertrading
@wartty I'll add you but it looks like I missed you X(

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