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[SHOP OPEN] Sancho's Shiny (and events) Stop
Welcome To Sancho's Shiny Stop
Disclaimer: Please be aware that basically all of these are probably NOT legit as most came off the GTS, and don't complain to me about it.

[Image: giphy.gif]

We also have some events, they're not all shiny though. Go to the bottom for that list.

This is now a permanent thing, I've decided it'll be my contribution to the place. I want to trade off some of my shinies for other shinies. If there's anything anyone wants, just leave a comment with your offer and I'll get back to you when I can.

Here's the current list: 
  • [font]Naganadel - lv100, N/A, Pokeball, Beast Boost, 6IV, Timid[/font]
  • Machamp - lv99, F, Quickball, Guts, Pretty bad IVs, Gentle (might actually be legit, got it as a machoke of the GTS)
  • Raikou - lv100, N/A, Loveball, Pressure, 6IV, Timid (has pokerus)
  • Giratina - lv100, N/A, Luxuryball, Levitate, 6IV, Adamant (origin forme, it seems the OT is someone from the forums)
  • Azelf - lv100, N/A, Masterball, Levitate, 6IV, Timid
  • Tornadus - lv100, N/A, Luxuryball, Prankster, 5IV, Modest (missing attack, bad moveset)
  • Regirock - lv50, N/A, Masterball, Clear Body, 6IV, Adamant (the coolest regi)
  • Charizard - lv100, M, Pokeball, Solar Power, 6IV, Jolly
  • Kyurem - lv100, N/A, Premierball, Pressure, 5IV, Timid (missing attack)
  • Lugia - lv100, N/A, Healball, Pressure, 6IV, Timid (holding leftovers)
  • Nihilego - lv100, N/A, Beastball, Beast Boost, 6IV, Timid
  • Abomasnow - lv60, M, Quickball, Snow Warning (It's on UM and I've not checked its nature or IVs yet so they'll have to remain a mystery)
  • Porygon2 - lv100, N/A, Premierball, Trace, 6IV, Calm
  • Electivire - lv100, F, Premierball, Motor Drive, 6IV, Adamant
  • Politoed - lv100, F, Premierball, Water Absorb, 6IV, Modest
  • Slowking - lv100, F, Premierball, Regenerator, 6IV, Quiet
I think that's it for now, but I'll update it soon when I realise I have loads more that I didn't add. If you want more information on anything just ask.

Open Times - All Times are GMT
Monday to Thursday - 5pm to 9:30pm
Friday - 5:30pm to 11pm
Saturday and Sunday - Lunch(12) to 11pm

These times will have about a 1 hour margin, bear in mind I'll be working in between certain hours but will still receive requests.

Current Reservations

If the shop is in 'Temp Closed' state, feel free to post anyway and I'll get back to you when I can. If I am not on during the times specified, it is because I'm currently going through a lot of exams and whatnot and this takes up a lot of my time.

This is the event pokemon list: 
  • Kanto Pikashu - lv1, M, Pokeball, Static, Bad IVs, Hardy
  • Hoopa - lv100, N/A, Cherishball, Magician, 6IV, Timid

The Special Unit
Why does this exist? It's a...different list. Containing all the shady-looking things which DO pass the trade checks, but they're usually events which don't have their ribbons and things. I do not support these pokemon, but you are welcome to ask for them anyway. I promise that IF they do destroy anything, you can have one of my other items for free (as long as you're not trying to pull a fast one). 
  • Xerneas - lv100, N/A, Cherishball, Fairy Aura, 3IV, Serious (doesn't have the right ribbon, missing HP, SpAtk and SpDef)
  • Jirachi - lv100, N/A, Cherishball, Serene Grace, 6IV, Modest (it's shiny but I don't think it's the right event for Jirachi to be shiny, nor does it have the correct ribbon like Xerneas)
SCP Foundation - Secure. Contain. Protect.

My trade shop - V2.3
Would you be interested in a shiny nihilego in a beast ball with 4 IV, timid, and named Ms. Jellybean for the Genesect? @TheAlmightySancho 
I also have a hasty shiny diancie event with 3 iv
I'll trade for the Nihilego, at least then I'll be able to put my other shiny one up for trade and keep yours. Can you trade now or do you want to reserve a time?

Also, sorry if I take ages to respond. I'm in the middle of a game right now and have to keep tabbing out to check this.
SCP Foundation - Secure. Contain. Protect.

My trade shop - V2.3
I can trade now @TheAlmightySancho
Alright. I already added your FC and I'll just be chilling on the festival plaza
SCP Foundation - Secure. Contain. Protect.

My trade shop - V2.3
@TheAlmightySancho I'm in plaza now and still don't know how to trade with people through friend code
You just go into Link Trade once you're online and people on your friends list will have some blue text next to their name. They should always show up if they're online.
SCP Foundation - Secure. Contain. Protect.

My trade shop - V2.3
It's a pleasure doing business.
+rep for a successful trade Big Grin
SCP Foundation - Secure. Contain. Protect.

My trade shop - V2.3
Would you be interested in any of these: shiny medicham, shiny drapion, shiny level 100 5iv gyarados, or maybe shiny level 100 6iv ditto (i can breed differently).
Thanks @TheAlmightySancho +rep

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