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[SPOILER] Next Game Maybe My Dad worked at GF
Sword 2 and Shield 2 the hopeful theory

Based on what I observed while playing the game I believe Sword and Shield will have proper sequels like Black and White so like with those games I will refer to the hypothetical games as Sword2 and Shield2

Piece One the Evil Team

This is easy it will be Macro Cosmos the former underlings of Chairman Rose and like with Black2 and White2 we will have the friendly Team Yell and the Evil Team Macro Cosmos repeating that pattern set up with Black and White

Piece Two the New Gyms

The proof of these are already in the games so I want to break them down one by one

[Image: sporttopnormaltype.jpg]
Gym Number One It’s a new leader it being Eevee

[Image: customisation.shtml#mtops]
Gym number one with Pikachu as it's Gigantmax

[Image: sporttoppoisontype.jpg]
Gym Number Two I think this gym will be in a new area Leader using Skorupi as then having Gigantmax Drapion in the Rematch

[Image: sporttopbugtype.jpg]
This in my Theory will be Gym Number 3
Leaders Signature Pokemon being a Gigantmax Beedrill or Durant

These are the Ones I’m less certain of the listing

[Image: sporttoppsychictype.jpg]
This being a Sword 2 Exclusive Gym replacing the Fighting Gym as Number 4
Gigantmax Alakazam being their Signature Pokemon
Possibly being later on as an Admin of Macro Cosmos

[Image: sporttopsteeltype.jpg]
This being a Shield 2 Exclusive Gym replacing the Ghost Gym as Number 4
Gigantmax Pokemon being Klinklang or Mangezone
Possibly being later on as an Admin of Macro Cosmos

[Image: sporttopgroundtype.jpg]
Being Gym 6 with Flying
I don’t know what the Gigantmax Pokemon for this would be maybe a really square
Minecraft like Golem as the last of the Kanto Trade Evos Gigantmax Pokemon

[Image: sporttopflyingtype.jpg]
Being Gym 6 with Ground
Don’t know what the Gigantmax would be for this at all maybe Togekiss or Fearow

So Final Gym List
Fairy Bede
Dark Marnie

Piece Three The Legends

Eternatus has a very Kyurem/Nercomza vive to it

Thats What I got let me know what you think
I can dig Eternatus being incomplete. Wonder if merging with the box legendaries will happen, or maybe even a Mythic Pokemon.
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
Sword and Shield Trades

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