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[SUN/MOON] Anabel's Egg Swap! [OPEN]
Breeding in Sun and Moon is actually a lot of fun. So is trading. Let's mix those two things together and what do you get?

Introducing Anabel's Egg Swap! A service that has you get an egg, any random egg and trade with another user for another random egg!

What's the purpose of this? Nothing except to be kind to fellow users. You may get a Pokémon you already have, you may get a 6IV Pokémon that ready to train or you may get a Shiny. It's just for fun!

How this works:

Post on this thread if you have an egg you can trade, don't tell us what it is, and any user on the site can respond to trade with said user. When your Eggs hatch, let us know what you get! I'll be participating every so often but this is for you guys.

If you have questions about this, please PM me. Enjoy!
I have a bunch of spare eggs in my boxes, and I've forgotten what they are. If you want an egg with an unknown Pokémon, just let me know. I've got plenty and I need a way to get rid of  them.
So I herd u liek Tyflozions...
I'm a VGC player. Contact me if you need help with competitive battling!

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