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[SUN/MOON] *Attention PKhex Users* Community GA!
I have PkHex now (finally), I can try helping whenever I have free time...

PS: I don't have too much free time
I would love to help out in this! I don't really know how these giveaways work, but I have access to PKHex and would enjoy getting involved!
@Neetsterr Let me know how often you would have free time 

@ThreeSidedSquare That would be great!
What's a Pikachu???
@VGCsverdrup Yes, we are the using PKhex for this GA
What's a Pikachu???
I've tried using PKHeX, but it always corrupts my save data. I tend to stick to good ol' Powersaves.

If anybody would take time out of their busy schedule to help, though, that'd be just grand. >_>
very nice idea @Hatonacat 
i always wanted to do GA back from gen 6 but never did because i dont have too much time to do it and my focus at that time is joining various GA to complete my shiny dex eventhough its not even close to complete lol.
even now my focus is trying to completing my shiny dex, but if your idea really is happening then i might be able to complete my shiny dex only from this site so i will have some time to help the GA a little bit.
i can do the clonning but the poke need to be from you though since i dont like opening my n3ds xl screw to take off the microsd to use the PKhex to create the poke from scratch  :P
just need 1 of each poke and i will clon them myself for the GA 
i will be able to send the pokemon once each day if thats ok.
What's a Pikachu???
I wasn't able to get the screwdriver today but I am most definitely going out tomorrow for it! Got the monies and everything! :D I won't be able to help today but tomorrow for sure!
@Qui Its not going to be today or tommorow. We are just planning :P
What's a Pikachu???
I can do it.
As long i'm provided with 1 of each pokemon for the GA, i can clon it myself for our joined GA.

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