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[SUN/MOON] HA Outlet: The Premier Hidden Ability Shop! ~ Always Updating ~
Hey bro! I have a gold bottle cap if you want and i would love to have some of the HA mons you have :D
@EI Asassin well which guys were you interested in? lol el assassin makes me think of a luchador :p
Interested in a HA alolan diglett. Can trade a bottle cap for it. Don't worry about the nature or IVs on it as I'll be using it to breed anyways.
lol well he'll have good nature and ivs either way cause ive been breeding stock babies :p might try and do this over gts since its just 1, if we can make that work
I'll add your FC. Not sure if I want to attempt GTS but up to you if you can figure out a way where I won't lose a bottle cap for nothing.
@MatioFrench lol ill just add you :p sorry its just my friends list is almost maxed out but ill just go back and erase some, you free?
@wartty I know you weren't too keen on the Psyduck trade so I'll let you pick. Give my shop a look and if there's nothing you want I can offer you either a Destiny Knot, Gold Bottle Cap or Ability Capsule. All I want is the Drampa, but I don't mind giving one item for one pokemon.
Saffari - BUG: Combee, Volbeat, Pinsir
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Hojunhu's Bizarre Bazaar
@Hojunhu actually i was interested in the psyduck :p thats why i asked about the ivs, i just said i wasnt accepting other HA pokemon for trade XP id love a breedject psyduck and nice eggmoves btw

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