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[SUN/MOON] Help me fill my moon dex

I am a starting shiny hunter and till now I only hunted shinys with horde hunting (on X an AS). But now I want To try more methodes like re, SOS, masuda breed, etc. To do this things I want To have the shiny charm, so I need To compleet my Dex. It takes me a long time To do this, so is there anyone who could help me whit Some trades? I'll trade all pokemon back imidietly!

The link is To my pokedex tracker, so if you want To help me you can see what I need

i hope you can help me,
I can trade you almost all of them, but I don't have many of the rarer ones like Drampa or Vanillish myself  Sad .

This is my Pokedex:
- Mr. Ultracool, glad to be of help.
I can give you a couple of pokemon.
i have most of em, accepted your buddy request send me a pm so we can make the trades,
p.s do u own a copy of a gen 6 pokemon game with anything from my post?

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