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[SUN/MOON] Hojunhu's Bizarre Bazaar!
Added Unburden Drifloons because they were cool last time I played. Gonna work up a stock and then move on to recycle Munchlax!
Just a fossil from the days of olde.
USUM Trade Shop
I'm interested in your drampa and your snorlax.I have a lot of perfect 5iv HA 4 egg moves love ball vulpix(timid and modest).Also i have moon ball perfect gluttony grimers (adamant) and beast ball 4 and 5iv wingulls and ha psyducks.(Timid and Modest)
And one of the best is the storm drain dive ball 3 egg moves shellos.(Quiet)
All these mons with egg moves and really good ivs.I Have tons more that are too many to mention right now but if you need something i probably have it.
Btw do you have any gluttony munchlax?
i have a jolly larvitar with iron head pursuit stealth rock and dragon dance
a impish ferroseed with leech seed stealth rock spikes and seed bomb
Ha most of 1 gen, excadrill, toxaped, greninja, sandshrew, ninetails and torchic did you need one?
im interested in growllithe, porygon, margikape, sneasel, roggenrola, snorlax, gible, drifloon. scyther :-)
all with non perfect iv's

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