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[SUN/MOON] [SHOP] Ultra Trading Shack (Shiny, Events & Giveaways)
@Queen How about tomorrow at the same time, then?
@Mr. Ultracool Do you happen to be available right now? (Just got off work, it's 4am here but I ain't sleepy)
Yeah, I'm online for the next hour, and you?
@Mr. Ultracool Sorry, you replied 2 hours after my post so I was dead asleep by then (6AM) xD
@Queen  Oops, sorry, I didn't look at the clock...Sad

Do you have time later today?
@Mr. Ultracool I have an idea, just put up a Pokemon into the GTS and then private message me exactly what you placed on there.
Ask for a Lv. 91+ Rayquaza on there as well. I will send you the rayquaza and then you can private message me the Salazzle code afterwards. That would make things easier xD
I organised most of my collection into the following documents, please view these for a more organised trading experience:
Shop Links

Shiny Pokemon
Gen VII Events
Gen VI Events
Gen III, IV, V Events

These links can also be found in my first post
@Queen I've deposited a Fletchling in a Nest Ball.
               My IGN is Sebasti.
@Mr. Ultracool Alright, I found you. Sent you the Rayquaza Smile
@Mr. Ultracool Private message me the code when you are available. It's been two days since I sent you the Rayquaza so this is just a friendly reminder.

EDIT: Code received, trade finished Smile

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