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[SUN/MOON] Salazzle Event
salandit female only
Ability: oblivious( ha or not)
Egg move:fake out

Iv is random and u can choose which one u want Smile

If u wan plz wait kindly as the breeding is hard and i must be free(at home)... ty for waiting Smile

Edit:completed and is ready for trade Smile
- 4 female (i will get more stocks)

up up Smile
we can trade i have a jolly larvitar with iron head pursuit stealth rock and dragon dance
a  ferroseed with leech seed stealth rock spikes and seed bomb both with non perfect ivs
@Brootox i am sorry but i never receive any notification... (not sure why)

is ok .. any pokemon also can Smile
(just helping out those who want)
no problem i'm not busy. which time would you like to trade? I'm home again at 16:00 utc +2
When i am back i will tell u ... sorry not sure when i am back and i updating more info at the post Smile

Edit: when i am free i wil update u when i am free for the dates
@Brootox hey tmr are u free or later also can? Smile
up post again xD

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