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[SUN/MOON] The Ultra Beast Exchange
Welcome to the Ultra Beast Exchange

[Image: pokemon-sun-moon-ultra-beasts.png?w=400]

A place where you can offer UBs that you have for UBs that you need!

The main goal of this thread is so that users can help each other out, whether it's to complete the Alolan dex or just to to get a specific ultra beast that you can't catch. This is mainly for dex completion, so don't look for battle ready sets. Happy trading!
Why Not Zoidberg?
I have the sun exclusive UB, I need the moon ones
I have the moon exclusives
I have a double of all UB's except Pheromosa if anyone needs them. PM me if you want!
Oh this is just perfect good job xD
i i dont have any of the moon ub´s but i have every sun ub with competitive nature
Great post! Smile

If anyone needs Ultra Beasts and don't mind if they are hacked. PM me in the PokemonForever Discord! Smile
What is a signature and how do I get one?
Does anyone have a timid Xuriktree?
impish or careful celesteela for jolly or adamant kartana anyone?
@"theoapo13" i would like to trade my jolly kartana for your careful celesteela

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