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[SUN/MOON] Twisted-Kitsune's sun and moon breeding service!
now that i have my pokedex for sun filled out, i can finally start giving back to the community! i give you, kitsunes breeding service! (im hopefully gonna try and not be a lazy person anymore and start helpin people out.

  • Any request that fails to use the template provided will be ignored
  • Please note i only have pokemon sun, so if you want me to breed a moon specific pokemon, im afraid your out of luck unless you can give me a pokemon i can breed in order to get the specifically bred one.
  • please do not request more then one pokemon at a time[Image: arrow-10x10.png], let other people get their turn!
  • please do be patient! if its been more then a week (and your order isnt a shiny) feel free to message me
  • once your pokemon is done, i will send you a pm saying i am ready to trade, you can either trade me directly or through gts,
  • as for any fourm or any place, please dont be rude or start anything with anyone in here[Image: arrow-10x10.png], thank you
  • i will be taking only 2 shiny pokemon requests at a time due to my laziness and unability to work very fast, if this gets better overtime ill add more, but for now, only twoo at a time, once those two are done, you can request for a shiny.
  • Want to get your VERY first shiny? well your in luck! if you have YET to get ANY shinies, ill be happy to breed you or give you one for free!
  • As a final rule, PLEASE do NOT ask for both a SHINY and 6IV, even IF its possible, itd take[Image: arrow-10x10.png] days or even weeks of our time[Image: arrow-10x10.png] just to get a legitimate one, since were not hacking these pokemon

  • What is your desired pokemon?:
  • Do you want IV's/EV's? how many?:
  • Any specific ability? (HA, or any other that it can have, etc):
  • Do you want it to be a specific level? if so what level? (the higher the level, the longer its gonna take me):
  • Do you want it to be shiny? (again, will take alot longer):
  • What pokemon can you give me in return for it?: (this is optional, you only need to give me a good pokemon if your going to ask for a decent iv shiny.) 
Current List:
mmathewsVGC with a Roggenrola every iv cept speed and spatk, weak armor.
slurpyslime123 with a eggecute, harvest ability, skill swap move.

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