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[SUN/MOON] What is the best Nature for Zygarde?
I'm currently collecting all 100 cells in Sun to create a Power Construct Zygarde with good IVs. Anyone know what is the best nature for him? (I want to add Core Enforcer for his moveset.) Should I use 10% or 50%?
My personal set:
Zygarde 10%/ 50%
Jolly/ adamant nature
31 iv in every stats
252 ev in atk and speed
-earthquake/ thousand arrows
-dragon dance
Outrage for stab. earthquake because the move is amazing or you can put thousand arrows because you can hit pokemon with levitate or flying type. Extremespeed for priority and ddance for setup. Tbh i prefer the 10% form better but the 50% is way more bulky

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