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[TOURNAMENT] Forum Mono Type Tournament Season 1: Water
@Tomlepanda I could do now if it suits? I'm going out in like an hour and im not sure what time I'll be back at
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
@stephenWITNESS I'm ready now too Smile
@Tomlepanda sweet Smile I'm heading itnto the plaza!
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
@stephenWITNESS cool ! i'm connecting myself
@stephenWITNESS Ewww problem i guess ?
We got to take only one poke ?
No that was a miss click on my part lol,
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Oh okay nvm x) @stephenWITNESS
@stephenWITNESS Thank you for the awesome battle ! You are definitely the best between us :p
@Tomlepanda gg that was such a close game! I just want to sincerely apologise for how I won, I literally had no Moves that could touch your Gastrodon.
Battle video is 95YW-WWWW-WWW7-5PV7
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

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