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@yung lord Im sorry, I just realized Ive got plans for the time slot that we're holding the tourney. Sorry, I cant attend.
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@PabloTyron doesn't really matter, im guessing you can make it anything goes or whatever.

@RetroTyphlosion all good my guy Smile
and we back
@yung lord 

Hey, yung.

Got roped into a lunch-in with family on Saturday at 1pm. I highly doubt I'll be back in time for the tournament, so unfortunately I think I have to drop out of this one. Such a shame too, I had my team all ready to go. I'll post it to this thread later, just so everyone could see my thought processes.

Again, sorry about this.  Undecided

- 0kamii
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yeah since a lot of people cant go i will cancel it,if people show interest we can definitely do it sometime in the near future.
and we back
Oh my goodness, I panicked because I forgot to charge my phone (which is where I had the reminder) and completely forgot about the tournament.
That's one thing I don't have to worry about right now lol

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