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[TOURNAMENT] March "Duck Madness" Website Tour (VGC17 Format)
Alright another major update. After reviewing with everyone on discord, we've decided to host the tournament on Sunday 19th of March at 5:00 PM est. This is probably the best compromise as there won't be any further time changes.
Any word on whether or not this is 100% Showdown or Cartridge play? Kind of important to know. Thank you. :P

Also, how does King Crimson work?
Shimono Hiro!

This will be played on cartridge so be sure to have your teams available on your copies of the Sun/Moon.
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Just a reminder that the tournament will be going on at this Sunday at 5:00 pm eastern. Will have a countdown up shortly.
Alright so congratulations on the winners of the Duck Madness VGC tour. All top three players will be listed so spoilers ahead.

1) @Aquarium1
2) @GiMYz
3) @Slec

We only have one finals battle code to report but basically it decides the winner.


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