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The December Meet 'N Greet - Rocking around the Christmas Tree-t
same @"yung lord"
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I wonder if they ever make a Bisharp evolution in future,

I also wonder if they make in future an eevee with 1 type (like the old ones) but then it evolves again later and has 2 types( Dual type)

For example Poison

Then later Poison Fairy

Or poison Dragon

Or Ground

Then Ground/Fairy
Or ground/Poison

Or Dragon

Then Dragon Fairy or Dragon With a new type?

Edit: Then with description being '' This eevee is very unique since its the queen of all eevees''
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@FireTaco just realised that I forgot to answer your question! For me it'd have to be a water type based on a dolphin. There's been so many rumours and false leaks about a dolphin pokemon over the years that I think it needs to be done + it'd be such a sweet mon. Type wise I think it should be water/flying (dolphins jumping out of water) and it should be quite fast and be able to hit hard, or a water/psychic type (dolphins using sonar) and be a bulky enough, fast support Pokemon.
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
hey guys thought i would add my two cents in as well Smile

the only holiday traditions i have is dinner/lunch with the family on christmas or boxing day other wise its all relaxing and gaming.

favourite feature would have to be the S.O.S in gen 7 it just seemed to make shiny hunting so much more possible.

no white christmas for me living in australia mean lovely hot christmas day so more suited to going to the beach, although i did experience one white christmas a few years back travelling around europe at christmas time and that was pretty cool

Beh, it's no big deal. I guess I do have some rather mixed characteristics, don't I? I love Queen B, but I also listen to symphonic metal (Within Temptation for life)! I also carry a handbag, but nothing satisfies me more than wholesome barbeque! Looks like my personality is split 50/50.

- 0kamii

P.S. I also hate American football, but love Japanese games shows (Unbeatable Banzuke). The contrast just keeps going...
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I am still alive. HAHAHAHA

Well, I am focusing on my legality essay. I will try to finish it this week. Smile

- Any holiday traditions you want to share?

Hmmm, being an ethnic Chinese, what about Mid-Autumn Festival? We eat Mooncakes and play with lanturns when I am young, but I am already 20. Sad

- Favorite feature in any pokemon game (doesn't matter if its from gen 1 or gen 7)
Gen 1: Decent PokeDex
Gen 2: 2 regions
Gen 3: Battle Frontier and Sevii Islands
Gen 4: Fun region to explore
Gen 5: Fun region to explore
Gen 6: XY is meh, ORAS post-game is good
Gen 7: PokeRide, no more HM Slaves

- Will you have a white Christmas/other holiday
In Southeast Asia, so no snow here~

And now for the best part ---> LET'S @ some other users and get this ball rolling:
@Saichi ,
@BoneheadMarowak ,
@Riola ,
@Jakethepokemonfan27 ,
@SamWilliams ,
@meatchiel ,

How often do you visit the Pokemon Forever Discord Channel?

To anyone who needs help with anything, be it Battle Tree, or need some Pokemons, just look for me in the Pokemon Discord Channel, I am more active there than the forums because I am very busy IRL. Sad

Don't be afraid to share! I confess about my obsession to Gundam in November Meet and Greet before it got removed! Smile
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@0kamii I'm going to give you an ultimatum.

IF I post a video of myself doing the Single Ladies dance, will you post a video of yourself doing it???
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