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The Shiny Showdown Week 4: Bulbasaur vs Tyrantrum

Well, we tried.

- 0kamii
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@0kamii agreed. If Tyrantrum gets to 20 I'll call it quits...rip Bulbasaur Sad at least it tried lol
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
It seems to be putting up a better fight then spearow...
Wow,  this one was a lot more difficult for me.  Bulbasaur already has a vibrant blueish/green color scheme that is likeable.  However the shiny light green adds such an element accentuating the more subtle greens within the design making it almost more colorful in a way (thinking of white paintings).  

However, tyrantrum could be an obvious first pick to the cool blue skin to the white textures on the body creating an almost (crashing water) feel to the sprite....which in my opinion is friggen sweet.  Also, as a final evolution there is no fear of wierd color schemes to future versions of the pocket monster.  

Oddly enough, I think i will have to go with the little guy on this one.  I find the design to actually be more intricate and thoughtful and im not too unhappy about Venusaur's sprite as well.
Woah.... Can't believe Bulbasaur got demolished so hard D: guess nostalgia doesn't count for as much as I thought....
Dont know why I never thought to put this here...
All your Hidden Ability needs in one place <3
Bulbasaur put up a ehh....decent enough, I suppose, fight... You know what they say 4 out of 21 ain't bad lol
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
We will never forget you Bulbasaur
[Image: Bulbasaur.600.1503908.jpg]
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