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The Shiny Showdown Week 5: Gigalith vs Magikarp
With the fourth round of The Shiny Showdown over we finally pass the halfway point of the preliminary round of matchups. Congradulations to @PerchPond who nominated Tyrantrum, last weeks winning shiny! This weeks matchup is another interesting one. The competing shinies are:

[Image: 526.png]
Gigalith the Compressed Pokémon (nominated by @RetroTyphlosion )


[Image: 129.png]
Magikarp the Fish Pokémon (nominated by @TheAlmightySancho)

I'm looking forward to see how this matchup will turn out. Magikarp is the pre-evolution of a lot of trainers first shiny, Gyrados. And even though I never owned a shiny Magikarp, the red Gyrados of Lake of rage, was one of my favourite Pokemon on my team in my first playthrough of Silver, all those years ago. Aside from that, Magikarp actually has a decent enough shiny. As a bright gold fish it definitely has the potential to stand out and hold it's own as a good shiny. Gigalith, on the other hand, I think is one of the better shiny designs going. With only one really noticeable change, the red ore sticking out of it's body shifts to blue. This change makes a lot of sense to me as it gives the impression that the shiny Gigalith might have grown up in an area that different minerals were more prevalent in the ground. Along with that, it also looks rarer that its regular form, and even gives a bit of a throw back to the crystal Onyx. Vote wisely everyone and may the best shiny win!

Win a Shiny Gigalith or Magikarp!
To be in for a chance to win a BR shiny Gigalith or Magikarp, after you vote, leave a reply to this thread with which shiny is better and why you think it is. I will pick the winner next Friday and they will be announced in Week 3 of The Shiny Showdown!

Last Weeks Winner!
Congratulations to @PerchPond who is the winner of the shiny BR Tyrantrum! And also to @TheAlmightySancho who is the winner of a shiny BR Bruxish from two weeks ago!

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Gigalith gets Stone Edge to rekt Gyarados. And can take a hit. Gigalith ftw
To Each Future We Go
i go for gigalith because the way those blue/greenish spikes stand out against its body look amazing whereas magikarps body even if it became gold doesn't stand out against any other part of it
Yeah...I don't see this one ending well for Magikarp. Gigalith is the clear winner here. The purple, aside from being one of my favorite shades, makes a lot of sense for a Rock-Type like Gigalith. Crystals like that form deep underground; I believe they're called geodes. And the blue looks a lot like Tanzanite. (Can you tell I studied geology?)

I vote Gigalith. It's accurate to real rock cycles, and I could never say no to a purple Shiny!

- 0kamii

P.S​​​​​​. I actually own a Shiny Gigalith, and I named her Deep Russian after that deep purple amethyst crystal found. I think it's quite the fitting name. Big Grin
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They are both good shinies, but I don't like shiny Gyarados much, so Gigalith it is.
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Gigalith all the way!! Boldore was the first shiny I hunted for and I evolved it into an amazing shiny Gigalith.  Also the change from red to blue just looks great.
Might be the only one who votes for Magikarp xP got a soft spot for any gold colored shinys <3 and I never cared for the Gigalith line for some reason.... The designs never jumped out at me.... And all those episodes of that guy trying to sell a gold Magikarp xD
Dont know why I never thought to put this here...
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I was gonna vote for magikarp but reading everyone's reason for gigalith made sense to me so I chose gigalith.
I like them both,  but Magikarp is special because of GSC and ITSAFISH.
magikarp was the first pokemon I hunted aswell, and exceeding a chain of 500, seeing the sparkle was so special to me, I gotta go with magikarp

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