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Torchic with hidden ability Speed Boost
Any one have a Torchic with Speed boost I can borrow/have, to start breeding for my perfect Blazeiken. As far as I know, the only way to get Speed Boost on a Torchic is thru a Gen V event that I sadly missed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
@Goku Uzumaki  I got one, give me a few minutes to breed one for you.
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)
I've got a spare
can I have one too?
@DarienDenciati added you in game, trade me when you add me. i got one for you
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)
@Ducky all added and ready for the trade when you are Smile
@Ducky and @bobsixthousand I added you both and am ready whenever you are. If there's anything specifically you're lookinf for let me know I might have it.
Hey i have a blazenken with Speed boost! I breed it to see if I can give you a torchic!
Added you back, and on game
Spreedsheet of Friend safaris Here =)

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