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[US/UM] Free Rare Balls / HA / Egg Move Fire-type Breedjects!
Quote:I will be able to get them tonight when I get off work. I will let you know when I catch some spearows.

@Kookiemuker Cool, I'll be waiting! Big Grin
Can I grab an oricorio? Im trying a pretty weird battle strat I saw on YT.
Hi Im just your average rpg-playing, anime/manga loving, weeb poke-fan. A quote from Kaneki-senpai:
"Sometimes the world doesn't need another hero, sometimes it needs a monster"
PS- @TheAlmightySancho is my boi
I Lay Eggs

@Black Waterfall 
Since I don’t feel like sleeping today, I can also trade right now if you want Smile And actually, I would like a HA sandile and litwick as well if that does not make me too greedy :p
@TheShinyMothim Of course, you can have them all!

(By the way, have you checked the complete giveaway list? There are many other mons available too if you want them Big Grin)

I'm free right now too, however, my VPN is very unstable at the moment. I live in China and they hate everything that is Japanese I need to bypass the Great Firewall every time I need to access google, youtube, facebook or do anything cool play Pokemon online. Everything My 3DS connection is blocked without a VPN Sad

But I'll try to connect now and see how it goes, I'll let you know!
@TheShinyMothim Apparently my connection is fine, are you free now?
Could I get a love ball oricorio, dream ball rotom, hustle darumaka, and Beast ball vulpix?
(Feb 9, 2018, 09:30 PM)Pokeballsohard Wrote: Could I get a love ball oricorio, dream ball rotom, hustle darumaka, and Beast ball vulpix?

@Pokeballsohard Of course! You can have any mons you want, that's what this thread is for. Tongue

You just need to post here your GTS request as indicated in the main page (or, if you prefer, we can Link Trade as well).

By the way, I've been meaning to tell you: your profile picture looks awesome! (In fact, I intend to include a new Larvesta set to the giveaway soon; I got a decent Net Ball Larvesta the other day and I am currently improving the offspring with some nice egg moves and better IVs.)
@Black Waterfall 
I can trade right now!
(Feb 10, 2018, 01:32 AM)TheShinyMothim Wrote: I can trade right now!

@TheShinyMothim Sorry, I just saw your message. Are you still online? I can trade now too.
@Black Waterfall 
Yes, I am! I’ll add you now and wait for you in the fp

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