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[VGC] Pokemon NA International Championship Recap
Oh wow im red now so i might as well make myself useful. Over the past weekend the North American Pokemon International Championship has taken place. Usually this time of year the United States National Championship take place but I guess they changed it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Anyways with players coming from Sweden all the way to Australia there was a giant state of diversity not only nationality wise but also pokemon wise. Before I get all the usage stats from the pokemon side of things here are the results of the tournament.

Champion: Christopher Kan (Australia)
Runner Up: Paul Chua (United States)
Rest of Top 8:
Sean Bennen (United States)
César Reyes (Mexico)
Sebastian Escalante (Argentina)
Nick Navere (United States)
Nils Dunlop (Sweden)
Markus Stradter (Germany)
Tyler Miller (United States)
Diego Ferreria (Chile)

90% Icon-arcanine

80% Icon-tapu-koko

40% Icon-porygon2 Icon-snorlax

30% Icon-garchomp Icon-celesteela Icon-nihilego

20% Icon-ninetales-alola Icon-kartana Icon-metagross Icon-mimikyu Icon-persian-alola

10%Icon-gyarados Icon-pelipper Icon-golduck Icon-tapu-lele Icon-tapu-fini Icon-chansey Icon-buzzwole Icon-pheromosa Icon-tapu-bulu Icon-hariyama Icon-smeargle Icon-mudsdale Icon-muk-alola Icon-gastrodon

Final Thoughts: Its strange how the times have changed. When the VGC Meta became steady for the first time the core of Tapu Fini and Alolan-Muk were the most common and today you see them in only 2 teams in the top 10, the same goes for it's predecessor "Spider-Duck" with the combination of Porygon2 and Araquanid. Porygon2 while still being very common and good with a very large and diverse move pool and being the primary trick room setter only used on 4 of the top 10 teams. While Araquanid didnt even make it. Personally my the most surprising thing for me is that Alolan-Marowak didnt even see the light of day. With its natural bulk and the item thick club pairing well with it's ability lightningrod I thought it would used more especially considering that Tapu Koko was used on 8 of the top 10 teams. On that note its amazing how the meta can evolve in such a short amount of time and I am very excited for worlds, expect a report on that as well!
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