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shiny oddish! first shiny in years!
omg guys i wasn't even hunting for this, i was hunting for a honedge, even had magnet pull nosepass, yet after 574 random honedge encounters this is what i got. i am happy, his new name is Viridian Rose. 
god i saw that sparkle and i was completely blown back! it was beautiful! i haven't got a shiny since 2015!
Ah, but I have a golden karp. It was a random encounter back in Sun. The last shiny I purposefully got was a Wishiwashi.
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magikarp !? 
LMAO lord.
@tren123 Congratulations! The only shiny I ever caught in the wild was a Magby in Sun — I was Thick Club hunting in Wela Volcano Park and then this I ran accross this little thing in the first encounter!

It was a really nice moment Smile
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alright guys so 1072 random honedge encounters and i've got another shiny oddish!!!! the same one i got at 574 encounters. jesus i just want my bloodsword!

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