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RE: A Beginner Breeding Guide - Black117 - Sep 11, 2016

Remember to keep note of the thread's original date when posting. This is something I've noticed lately regarding when people post on year long threads. Also if the person asked the answer above, don't repeated, unless you want something else to add.

Anyways still remember reading this thread the first time, kinda laughed a bit. This is honestly the one of the few methods to get good high iv pokemon legitimately and people take the time to do so. Still recall having to chain breed at the start of XY before when Pokebank became accessible.

Only commenting here because there's a good probability we might have to "re-breed" all the competitive, well most of the viably good Pokemon just to have their "pentagon"-exclusive symbols. Not sure about how Hyper Training will go about, however breeding will be the way to go in case the bottle caps are like expensive as ability capsules.

In the meantime, highly recommend that everyone reviews Eeveeli's thread as it will get you up to speed on how to breed Pokemon legitimately.