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Advertising - sjihttam1996 - Sep 18, 2016

Hallo everyone,

I've got a question after reading the forum rules. Rule number 4 says: "4. Spam is not permitted. This includes making several posts and/or topics in a row, posting multiple times with irrelevant content, and advertising unrelated links/products. These posts will be removed and are subject to penalty from a moderator. " Now my question is, I have a YT channel (the name is not the same as my username over here so this can't be considerd advertising imo  Wink ) and I am thinking about starting a weekly giveaway series where I (like the title would suggest) give away a pokemon to a subscriber every week. Am I allowed to open a topic in the "Pokemon Trading, Breeding, & Friend Safari" section telling when this will all start and how the ppl over here can win one of the giveaways as well (since I see more ppl giving away mons but than not related to their YT channel). So my question is, would this be considered as advertising or not (since posting my YT link would be part of that ofc, since ppl need that to go to my channel), since my YT channel is not irrelevant or unrelated imo in this case, but maybe the mods over here think diffrent about that so that's why I check it first. Thanks in advance.

RE: Advertising - bamman - Sep 18, 2016

they would probably allow it cause your telling people your youtube channel so they can get a poke, in my opinion i think its totally fine

RE: Advertising - Hatonacat - Sep 18, 2016

That would be really cool! Whats your youtube channel name? Im pretty sure it would be fine to do that though.
But Im not a mod so dont listen to me Smile

RE: Advertising - Justin - Sep 18, 2016

Hey @sjihttam1996 I appreciate you asking. This is something we're still trying to figure out since we would like to support members of the community. At this time it is preferred that you do not submit links, or direct traffic. to your own channel.

Thank you for understanding.  Heart

RE: Advertising - sjihttam1996 - Sep 18, 2016

Thanks for answer @Justin, does this also also mean I can't name my channel or am I allowed to do that as long as I don't provide any direct links?

RE: Advertising - ScottyMcGreor - Sep 30, 2016

Hey does any one know how to make a post on this website.

RE: Advertising - AlolaDonphan2998 - Sep 30, 2016

(Sep 30, 2016, 01:28 PM)ScottyMcGreor Wrote: Hey does any one know how to make a post on this website.

scotty i just told u that u can type in the open box at the botom of the screen and click where it says post reply. :D :D your welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Advertising - ScottyMcGreor - Sep 30, 2016

k thx

RE: Advertising - SenpaisLittleEevee - Sep 30, 2016

Oooooo @naitre using adblock here on PF aye? What a bad role model

RE: Advertising - Gatii05 - Oct 3, 2019

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