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Needs input - moo311 - Jun 4, 2018

An awesome user, @AverageJoe, posted a suggestion that I think I really liked. Here's the concept.

At the end of the "redeeming month" (when I don't gen and you have to claim your pokemon), I have some pokemon left over from some people who didn't claim them. I usually delete them, but @AverageJoe suggested that I host an event where you can get any one of the pokemon left behind.

Here's the part I'm stuck on. How do I execute this?

Do I stick the pokemon in gts and let someone take it, do I host a tournament on showdown and whoever participates gets a pokemon (# of pokemon you can choose depends on how many games you win), or do you have some other suggestion?

Please post any thoughts you have, even negative ones. Any input is appreciated.

RE: Needs input - AverageJoe - Jun 4, 2018

@moo311 Well, I had interpreted it in a different way. I don't really know how many mons you have at the end of the month, but I was saying you make the people interested in playing use the mons at random, so they couldn't build a team. You wouldn't give the winner last month's genned mons, but maybe just a free genned team, or I have shinies I'd donate for this if people were interested. Whatever this turns out to be, I'm excited.

RE: Needs input - Saichi - Jun 4, 2018

How about you at the end of the month 
you can host a Pokémon quiz or something like guess the number between 1-10 to get rid of each pokemon  Big Grin