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Town Of Salem User List and Tips - Evyii - Jan 5, 2015

Welcome to the JFlynn Community Town of Salem Username List

This Spreadsheet contains the usernames from several members in the community. If you play Town of Salem post your user and I'll add you to the spreadsheet.

Just one request for any mod willing to help, could you delete posts from people already added to maintain the thread tidy.
Thank You!

Town of Salem is a browser game made by BlankMediaGames. It is very much like the game Mafia (normally played as a camp game) where there is the Town, Mafia and Neutrals. Some of the main roles are Investigator, Sheriff, Godfather, Jailor, Serial Killer and more.

I'll be editing to add tips on how to play some of my favorite roles. If you also play and have any tips on roles I can keep adding them. I'm still new to the other modes and I mostly play classic roles, but I shall play some more Custom and All Any to become proficient in the unique roles. Kappa

Investigator: An important town role since he can find out the possible roles for whichever character alive during the night. A good way to play him is to stay silent the first days since he will be a prominent target to the mafia and the serial killer. Keep note of every person you investigate in your will on the top middle of the screen (paper icon) in case you die before revealing information. Finally, claim your role and other people's roles at your own discretion and make sure town believes you. If someone is innocent don't say which role that person is (too good for mafia).

Jailor: The jailor can decide who to jail that night by clicking the sun icon on the top of the screen during the day. Most of the times, as a jailor, jail anyone who seems too suspicious, decide to execute them and ask for role. Then, check if that role could be possible or remember anyone that might have claimed it too. From what happens there, decide to keep your decision or change your mind and spare the person. Also, if you're jailor, when there is 1 mafia, the serial killer and 1 or no townies left. You can convince one of the two bad guys to vote against the other and decide to jail the other. From that it is possible to get rid of both and win the game for the town. Also keep record of the claims people you jail make, it is quite helpful for the town if you die.

Lookout: In my opinion, the worst town role there is. You're pretty much lucky if you get any leads, but normally you should check any person who is not suspicious, since they might be a target of the mafia or the serial killer. When you know they are going to target an investigator or sheriff use your ability on them to find out who is the attacker in the morning. As a lookout you can also see when a jester haunts and when a medium does a seance. As any other town role, keep record of your findings in your will.

Escort: According to the description you are a beautiful woman... Kappa Take advantage of it, whenever you are going to role block a person write in your notes their names. This is extremely useful when the person you escort is Serial Killer, because you will die to him and the town will now have a lead.

Medium: This role depends on the assistance of the dead town members. So if people start leaving the role is pretty much useless. Also, don't trust any dead mafia making claims unless other townies can assure with basis. You can add the to the daily discussion, supporting people's claims if the dead have told you about it too. However, be careful since Mafia or Serial Killer might target you the next night. Lastly, a note on the Medium's curse, for some reason the killers seem to kill the Medium quite often during the first night. Don't leave yet, collect info from dead investigators or sheriffs and use your seance (sun icon) during the day, on a trustworthy person to pass on info during the next night.

Sheriff: You are a law enforcer, however, your best tool is silence and your attributes at night. Check those who you might think are guilty. As a sheriff you will know when a person is a member of the mafia or a Serial Killer. Keep those notes on your will and comment further in the game if you are still alive when you have at least 1 person who is bad. Also take in account that the framer can deceive you by framing someone you're checking. Also the Godfather will show as unsuspicious in the eyes of the sheriff, therefore write next to the person's name, NS (Not suspicious) or GF (Godfather) on your will. In the case that you did check the Godfather. If you don't write such claims on your will it could let him off the hook.

Doctor: If you play it right you can be the Town's saviour, heal those who you think can get targeted, unless there is a vet taunting mafia, don't choose him for you shall die. When you know someone is an investigator keep saving him, the Mafia or the Serial Killer will target them. Pay attention to any remarks from suspicious people or proven innocent town members and heal at your own discretion. You call the bluffs here.

Godfather: The leader of the dreaded mafia and quite a fun role to play. Even though you are the leader, listen to suggestions from the other mafia and don't fight since they might rat you out. When someone claims investigator keep it in mind and attack the second night after the claim since Doctor might just heal him back and prove you as guilty. It is also quite fun setting a bit of confusion, so from second night you can claim on your death notes people who are immune to your attacks like the Executioner or the Serial Killer. On the other hand, you can lay a false claim once and get the person hanged when you know he or she is innocent.

Mafioso: You follow orders from the godfather, but it doesn't mean that you don't have an opinion. As the one who makes the shot you can give suggestions, voting to shoot a person who might have claimed investigator or sheriff two nights after his claim. If you also try to pose as a certain role and a person fights fiercely for that claim, suggest to your godfather on keeping him alive since it could prove you guilty if that person dies and is innocent. If your Godfather dies look at the suggestions above since you will turn into the new Godfather.

Framer: Not the most important role in the Mafia, but a very fun and useful one when done right. Frame people who could have important roles, such as the Doctor or Escort. If the Investigator or Sheriff suspects of an innocent Town Member, frame the person that night. Enjoy the view as the Town kills off one of their own members. Note to take, that once one of your fellow Mafia members makes a claim you should frame the person who claims to have the same role. However, do not do it when it is early on because you might just have given your team member a ticket to the rope. It is quite a beautiful sight when the Town just falls for the lies you create.

Serial Killer: The hardest role of them all (in classic mode), you are crazed person who can decide to murder one person each night. The first person you should get rid of are the investigative roles like the Investigator and the Sheriff. Next on the list is looking innocent in the eyes of the role blockers, since the jailor or escort can write on their will who they were jailing or escorting, leaving you trapped on bad terms. Pay attention to the chat for any people claiming roles you need to get rid of or clues like someone saying, "thanks doc" and another person responding, "you're welcome". With cunning, discretion and a bit of luck you might just win as the lone wolf.



The game is FREE, here is a link: http://www.blankmediagames.com/TownOfSalem/

RE: Town Of Salem User List - Eeveeli - Jan 5, 2015

Epicweegee here :D

RE: Town of Salem - Justin - Jan 5, 2015

Okay sounds good Lets make a name list on google docs or something ...

RE: Town of Salem - Nathan - Jan 5, 2015

Sounds like a plan.

RE: Town of Salem - Eeveeli - Jan 5, 2015

Cool! I play Town of Salem a lot with my friends so if you have any questions about the game then I can most likely answer them for you :P

RE: Town of Salem - Evyii - Jan 5, 2015

Got it already in process, Created thread at http://thejustinflynn.tv/forum/Thread-PC-Town-Of-Salem-User-List

RE: Town Of Salem User List - Justin - Jan 5, 2015


RE: Town Of Salem User List - Nathan - Jan 5, 2015

Mines inathanlite

I'd like to note though that I haven't been playing a lot lately due to being very busy at work.

RE: Town Of Salem User List - Justin - Jan 5, 2015

I'm sure we'll get a few more users this weekend. I'm going to start doing practice games here then i might stream them.

RE: Town Of Salem User List - Nathan - Jan 5, 2015

(Jan 5, 2015, 05:06 PM)Justin Wrote: I'm sure we'll get a few more users this weekend. I'm going to start doing practice games here then i might stream them.

Awesome, can't wait. If you play with viewers though, you might want to cover some stuff up on the screen so people can't cheat.