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BlitzKing - Game Creator - BellBlitzKing - Jul 8, 2018

Hi all! I'm BlitzKing, a game builder from Washington, DC, interested in joining this active community and to share some Pokemon creations with everyone.

The Rules don't say whether Fan-made games are allowed, but I've messaged the team to find out.

RE: BlitzKing - Game Creator - TheAlmightySancho - Jul 8, 2018

Well, welcome to our little community!

RE: BlitzKing - Game Creator - Dova - Jul 9, 2018

Always nice to see a new face around here! Do hope you like it.

RE: BlitzKing - Game Creator - gkh1997 - Jul 18, 2018

Nice to meet a game builder! Smile

Remember to check out the Pokemon Forever Discord Channel! Smile