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Leaked Pokedex of Pokemon Sword and Shield ? - Drangor2 - Nov 3, 2019

Hi there.

Before you start your journey let me present you some early unconfirmed Spoilers from ''4chen sourc'' !

The Pokedex (rumour info)

[Image: Screenshot_1jf2261b173f8115df.png]
[Image: black1.png]

Below this you will find some of the rumoured ''Leaked'' Pokemon:

[Image: 1572824413680.png]
[Image: 1572823600260s.jpg]
[Image: 1572824018798s.jpg]
[Image: 1572824166902s.jpg]
[Image: 1572824431981.png]
[Image: 1572821473905s.jpg]
[Image: 1572821182224s.jpg]
[Image: 1572820425633s.jpg]
[Image: 1572820416656s.jpg]
[Image: 1572820250848s.jpg]

[Image: 1572821019917s.jpg]
[Image: 1572820416656s823ca1dd189ea3a2.jpg]
[Image: 1572821473905s7379486a5e3a577d.jpg]
[Image: 1572822921784s.jpg]
[Image: 1572823926479s.jpg]
[Image: 1572824150129s.jpg]
[Image: 1572824771315s.jpg][/img]

[Image: 1572821353573s.jpg]

There might be more, but i will maybe do some edit later or i just leave it like this..

Do you see something you like ? Don't forget to use ''Spoiler Tags'' for when you post something unexpected etc.

Let the discussion start ! (maybe without meee)
Update: 4 november 2019.

[Image: IMG_20191104_153248.jpg]

RE: Leaked Pokedex of Pokemon Sword and Shield ? - DrumminBeard - Nov 5, 2019

This is all very interesting. Seems legitimate to me. Not to mention: Nintendo has taken action against the leakers, which further supports their legitimacy. I'd link it, but don't want any incidental spoilers revealed.