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Opinions on new games - Pwimawh_Kiogah - Aug 4, 2022

I technically started with Gen 2 (emulated).

Years later, Gen 6 came around and that was where the investment outside of Gen 4/5 anime returned.
I loved the full thing and still do now, but let me continue...

Gen 7 was next. I loved Gen 7 as well. 

Gen 8... SW/SH were also great to me.

Then I went back to play Gen 4... I could probably finish it but dropped it very quickly for other things. Gen 5 feels it would be the same. Gen 3 would probably be the most playable before Gen 6, and even then it *had* the remakes in Gen 6.

There's undoubtedly going to be some bias from me but still I played Gen 2 first. I think this whole 'graphics' or 'lazy' stuff is uncalled for. I saw yesterday's direct and chat was flooded with 'finally mediocre graphics' or 'actually so sad'. This didn't take my attention away from the lengthy chains of 'HOLY HELL' and everything, but...

I've loved every new game more than Gen 6 in some ways, and Gen 6 in others.

Gen 6 Wally was the thing that made me accept growth as a whole, specifically... but I don't get why S/V needs to be an 'upcoming letdown, guaranteed' for so many people.

People love to hate things - I get why people see it that way (from missing certain aspects to not being used to others, or even just because other people also find it fun to hate it beforehand) but it isn't really how to go about it.
I don't love S/V as a game. I don't hate it as a game.
​​​​​​​Because I haven't got to play it.

I love the way S/V currently looks. What it's selling as. How it wants to work.

And seemingly the way we're introduced to the box legends is absolutely different, but
​​​​​​who said it should be the same formula every time?

It's only 'not Pokémon' because they're not letting it be. Let it look better. Let it change. Let it adapt.

They're working on making it a generally massive experience. Mega evos only being for specific species? Surely regional forms work better for that, and certain things such as DMax/Z-Moves work better being accessible for all teams - with signature Z crystals behaving like signature (regular) moves, or GMax working like a signature DMax?

From an idea perspective, Mega Evos would be amazing to have return rather than a new thing every generation.

But imagine we felt the same about Z Moves. DMax.
​​​​​​​People only don't ask for these others because mega evo was the first to be added and left behind, making them inherently hate these similarly great and original gimmicks.

However, the thing that seems to make mega work as something people don't want to drop is the fact that it is only for certain species, with no 'lesser' version for all other Pokémon.

It'd possibly actually work to bring it back alongside a generationally changing feature, even from the perspective of someone that played Gen6 'first' (as the first 'played in full' games) yet doesn't miss Mega Evo as much.

But off the topic of Megas, what about graphics?

It does not look worse, at all. It can subjectively, to some people. But I think that whole statement has reached a point of almost 'invalidating' the view of people that actually don't prefer it. A view more common along people that reject the change than those that accept it but find it out of their taste. Across a group that only rejects the change because other people did.

Can you see the current graphics happening on a console past generations were on?

Then there are those arguing about the 'animation in the fighting spinoffs' - it doesn't need the full animation level of a fighting game yet, because it isn't a fighting game, it's an RPG - with a storyline - that happens to contain battling.

The animation could use something - but if people ask for all Pokémon to be in, with their own animations, with a similarly short deadline, maybe there is a little bit of an unreasonable expectation.
Not to mention how often they forget that there are literally even more moves that would need to be animated for each of them.

A few 'more detailed' shared anims for similar moves, for Pokémon of similar build? Still a lot even if they're reused. It could be an eventual possibility, but especially not as early into the new consoles or tech as even S/V is.

People cannot even compare Gen7 to Gen8 and say 8 looks worse.
Yet they insist on saying Gen 2 looks better than Gen 9 trailers.

People can like certain styles more, but that usually doesn't include comparing the styles and conclude that the new graphics are objectively worse.

Or that different types of games should be compared to it - inside or outside of the same IP.

From there also come the groups of aggressors - such as the people who see someone mildly like something about the game and start spewing that they deserve harassment over their opinion until they 'change it or ditch the games'.
Or the people that see someone mildly dislike something and say their opinion is outright wrong without letting their points get through.

It's got to the point where you can barely distinguish between (or describe the difference between) those that genuinely dislike or even hate the new games, or those that trash on them to follow a herd they're not a part of.

Everything is always on the producers to then stop changing things. If they're not deemed responsible, it's those above them. But never past there, apparently. Never below, never further above.

S/V is going to be a major step. As a result, people will find maybe a handful of bugs and conclude that 'no care went into the games at all - just corporate greed'.

Maybe listening to what the people 'want' would be even a little closer to corporate greed - why would anyone sell something 'broken and lacking what people want' just to be 'guaranteed profit to feed our greed'?

Maybe the only greed is everyone demanding nothing and everything at the same time.

Maybe the issue is people either letting it change too much, or not letting it change enough.

Blindly protecting every aspect of the games, or blindly attacking every aspect.

The type of game we see as 'great' is changing over time - and a bit too fast for Pokémon to keep up with.
Because people want them to go back to the origin and look better than unreleased future games simultaneously.

They want to try something different each generation? Let them and make the things you miss or wish you'd seen a 'side review'. 
​​​​​​​It isn't fair to judge something trying to be different as if it should've stayed the same, nor the other way.