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[ANIME] Boku no Hero Academia
W-h-o w-a-t-c-h t-h-i-s a-n-i-m-e ?

[Image: 85221.jpg]


You too?

If so, let me know what you like about this anime/ or why you watch it, anything about it is good enough.

I didn't want to watch it when i saw first time a picture and some info about it...

But then... I watched this anime and slowly became one of my Favorites.

Cause most time i prefer a protagonist that is serious at start and strong etc. (Goku for example/ Yusuke etc)

So, yeah, let me know what you like or anything else about it.

This anime is not for nothing one of most popular anime right now
Never seen that anime~

In terms of overpowered protagonists:
* Gundam Wing, SEED, SEED Destiny, 00
* Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei~ NOTE: This anime has the most overpowered protagonist I have seen in fiction.
* One Punch Man
* Sword Art Online. NOTE: This anime is offensive to gamers.
* Magic Kaito (not sure if he counts)
* Kaze No Stigma

In terms of sports, Prince of Tennis

There could be more though~
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I absolutely love this anme. Too much.
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@gkh1997 OMG, you should watch it right now! It's awesome!

@Drangor2 Another cool anime of the same genre is Tiger & Bunny.

Have you guys ever watched it? If you enjoyed either BNHA or One Punch Man you should definitely give it a try!
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