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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Battle The Mods and shiny Zygarde Giveaway (Friday 15th of June)
[Image: shiny-zygarde-1113281.jpeg]

The next Battle the mods stream will be Friday the 15th June @ 7pm gmt+1. @0kamii, @FireTaco, @"yung lord", @Kris and myself will be doing the usual 3ds + showdown battles, shiny Zygard giveaway and will be opening some Shining Legends booster packs! Also with all the E3 news from over the week there will be loads to talk about. Catch it here...

Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!
Might actually watch this one, although I'll probably forget to like all the others. It's also my bro's birthday tomorrow, so I might be too distracted.
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@TheAlmightySancho all good man! We'll be doing another one next weekend. Also happy bithday to your brother :D
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

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