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Ok so if you haven't heard the FCC just voted to repeal Net Neutrality rules and ... won. But this was to be expected. Have we lost? No. They're now going to take it to court. There the FCC will attempt to pass the vote through, thus making it final. However, Congress has the power to stop them thanks to something called the Congressional Review Act   . For the CRA to pass all that's needed is a simple majority at the Senate and House. 83% of voters support Net Neutrality, we will win, but that doesn't mean you stop fighting.
US READERS, YOU HAVE THE BIGGEST SAY IN THIS. Please read this {THIS} and take these actions to help stopping the FCC taking our open Internet.
Non-US Readers, you may think that because you don't live in the US it won't affect you. Sweetie that's were you're wrong. Let me make an example, Australia has small online businesses which depend on US sites for a) Traffic for advertising and b) International sales. Businesses will get crippled severely. Your favorite YouTubers may not be able to make content due to prices rising. You know this site you're using right now? Based in the US and guess what? MyBB will probably get affected by this. If @Justin and @Agro first have to pay extra to keep the site alive, THEN the users who use this site have to pay extra just to access it, we'll be seeing less traffic in general. How can us Non-US Readers help? Do what I'm doing and spread awareness to as many sites as you can. If you don't think this is a problem then you are very naive and oblivious to the facts.  
Right here, {HERE} , I wrote a very important reason why Net Neutrality MUST be saved. Racking up 100 retweets and 150+ Likes, you can see many people agree. Do not ignore this problem, don't just read this read this and go on with your day, read it and TAKE ACTION. If we give up now you will not see an open and free Internet for years to come. This is important no matter who or where you are. Take action and help preserve Net Neutrality rules.
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If you're unsure how to, go here,  {HERE}  for details on contacting Congress easily.
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Thank you for saying this. Net neutrality is veryyy important. If you want to own a online business in the future you might not be able to. You just can’t compete with company’s that have millions of dollars.
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I'm just happy it's not completely over. Not only can Congress repeal the repeal, but many companies are going to sue the FCC. Let's stay optimistic. Once Congress doesn't do anything and the FCC wins the lawsuits, then I'll start worrying.
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