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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Happy New Year Pokemon Forever
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Well I know not everyone is in this new year, BUT ITS HERE FOR ME.

HAPPY NEW YEAR POKEMON FOREVER from me and the rest of the Mod Team
Thank you all for an amazing year on the fourm, and funny enough its my 1 year anniversary (which i will put in another thread)

Now I thought it would be cool to share some of our resolutions we have for what we want to do here for the next year.  For me personally I want to start to bring some if the pokemon VGC teams I made here so I can get a better understanding of the format (Cause all I'm seeing from youtube is gimics and scarf lando-t)

Here is to a safe and Happy New Year for each and everyone of you who is reading this.


Oh yeah I've also been here a year.
To Each Future We Go
Did we join on the same day O.o 

That's cool Senpai
The London fireworks display was alright. They had to remove some of the construction stuff so that Big Ben could chime, though.
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This year at my side was kind of ''empty''

So empty that i don't remember much...

Old years some family members visited, but this year not much...

Only thing i remember was that my dog was hiding cause of fireworks boom boom outside.
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