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Ahh... thissucks but ok
#1's Anabel. Yeah, the 'LF Competitive Pidgey" and the "Hopes for USUM"
But why am I on a new account? My laptop kinda went and killed itself. I dropped it while moving it and...well it brokethe charging lead and I cant use it. So why am  I on a new account instead of my usual one? The laptop was what I accesed my Outlook account on, and the only other platform I have for Pokemon Forever is My...Wii U which can't access Outlook.. So, I made a new account because...I can't remember my password lol. But I'll be back on the old account soon I hope. I'll be floating around the forums  on this account until my laptop gets repaired.
@Anabel 2 get in touch with one of the mods, might be able to help you out
Why Not Zoidberg?

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