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[BREEDJECTS] Giving Away Various Breedjects (Sun/Moon)
(Oct 9, 2017, 10:36 AM)Tenebris_Kane Wrote: @Uri
I can also trade yours at any time since they are already pre-prepared in the giveaway boxes of my PC storage

Oke, I add yours FC and heading to Plaza now
I am going online now if you are still able to trade, I got a bit stuck into a design I am working on and didnt notice the notification
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Thanks a lot ^^
(Oct 9, 2017, 10:36 AM)Tenebris_Kane Wrote: Hi everyone, sorry some people seem to be waiting for a while until we are both online, I am having a very busy week at the minute with a lot going on IRL. In general I will be online most of thursday and will catch up with the 4 that have already made requests as well as any that appear between now and then if people are online.
I still need to hatch a couple of the eggs that are sitting there (unless you want to hatch them, they are in luxury balls already anyway) but other than that I am able to trade yours when you are ready with whatever you are trading me

If I see you online earlier I will trade the dratini, if not hopefully you will be online thursday at some point that I am as well

I can also trade yours at any time since they are already pre-prepared in the giveaway boxes of my PC storage

Since yours was a bigger list I will need to grab a few from bank to see what can be replaced and what I will run out of while trading but that is on my end so I will sort that and if not sooner as mentioned previously Thursday would be Ideal for trading
Also I forgot to initially add this to your bit, if you have any interesting breedjects I would be happy to take them in return, I will probably use them to breed for my battle collections and put the breedjects I get as additions to the giveaway since I plan on updating it soon anyway with new Pokémon

@Tenebris_Kane Take your time. I'm stressed too, and I can wait. I have interesting breedjects, including Mawile, any starter, Rotom, and others. I also have a decent collection of ApriBalls, including Moon Ball Eevee.
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Hey! @Tenebris_Kane  I am back again. Any chance I could grab one of those Jolly Zubats with Infiltrator Brave Bird and defog? Let me know whenever you are available. Thanks Smile
@Tenebris_Kane it's ok I can wait I'm still trying to find ferroseed in Pokemon y so take your time!
That shouldn't be a problem, as I said to the others I hope to catch up with a lot of my breeding etc on thursday anyway so I will be online most of the day and will keep a rough eye out for whoever is online at the time

You will only be able to get ferroseed with hidden ability if you have it appear in a friends friend safari which has 3 different Pokémon appearing. If there are only 2 types appearing then one condition is not met so hidden abilities will not appear. you need to have been online at the same time as the person once and they need to have become champion in their X/Y game

I already have mawille bred a few times with standard sets and I have bred a Rotom wash. However I would be interested in other rotom-breedjects
I also would be happy to recieve apricorn ball mons as well as some starters if you can spare those especially any interesting sets you have bred for I would be interested to learn and try out at some point.
Caught a shiny Phantump before finding out it was Pokémon of the day!
@Tenebris_Kane I am online now, but I cannot stay long. School starts soon for me. Let me know if you are online.
@Tenebris_Kane oh man DX
I need your help again @Tenebris_Kane im lf Alolan Sandshrew with HA female will be best ^^

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