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[BREEDJECTS] Giving Away Various Breedjects (Sun/Moon)
@Tenebris_Kane I got you!
@Tenebris_Kane Thank you!
Your welcome, hope you enjoy them. They should save you some time while breeding.  Smile
@Tenebris_Kane i love luxury balls and it's hard finding Pokemon trades with Pokemon in luxury balls. I like trading cause of the exp boost but luxury balls are my aesthetic.  Sad Sad
Give me a little bit and I will look through my battle ready Pokémon for luxury balls. I can re-breed the ones you want and you can add to your collection if I have any.
In return could I get some breedjects of different pokemon if you have some or private message me some of your own created builds for different pokemon so I can build up my collections as well?
Hello! Can I get a female Salandit, Mudsbray, Riolu, and an Audino please?
Ok, I can trade now if you want?
@Tenebris_Kane Yup! Ready to go. In game name is Tyler.
Luckily you caught me at a good time for trading so you get your requests instantly
@Tenebris_Kane  Yay! Thank you so much! Sorry I couldn't give you anything good in return. I just started my Playthrough of Sun.

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