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[BREEDJECTS] Own Tempo Rockruff for the Taking!
(Feb 11, 2018, 08:11 PM)0kamii Wrote: @Porvia 

Hey, guys! I haven't forgotten about you all. I have all of your Rockruff, but the GTS seems to be a bit of a problem lately. Please PM me what time you can trade, and I'll organize trade times with you one at a time. I know you want these Rockruff, and I apologize for the delay, but sometimes the GTS is just a putrid, putrid place.

Hang in there! You'll get your Rockruff yet!

- 0kamii

@0kamii Around a bit ago someone wonder traded me a HA Rockruff so I don't need the Rockruff anymore but thank you for the givaway  Big Grin
Thx for the trade 0kami!! Heart

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