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[CLOSED] BP Items Giveaway!!!! [Hacked/Cloned]
Hello everyone! Today I will be distributing Life Orb, Rocky Helmet and Assault Vests. I have distributed Choice Items a few months ago so I am distributing the rest!

The Pokemons holding the items are hacked/cloned. I did not edit the OT and TID to prevent suspicion from GameFreak, I trust you guys that you will not trade them in Pokemon communities that do not allow hacking.

In terms of the Pokemons holding the item, Life Orb is held by Rayquaza, Rocky Helmet is held by Groudon, Assault Vest is held by Kyogre.

* 1) Deposit an Emolga (catch at Poni Plains) into GTS requesting the Pokemon holding the item. And comment with the description of the Pokemon you have deposited, gender, level, species and your IGN.
* 2) Don't rush me by spamming with "Did you miss me" or "I have not received mine", you are just making me confusing, therefore, making it slower.
* 3) Do not send me Private Messages (during or after the giveaway), you will ended up getting banned.
* 4) No Reservations allowed, if you send me Private Messages for reservations, you will get ignored.
* 5) You can only received one of each item (if you have gotten one item, you can go for the other items, but not the same item).
* 6) Anyone who does not follow will get skipped.

I will be leaving this giveaway overnight, I will check for requests every Monday and Thursday 9~10PM GMT+8. For those who are wondering "Why Emolga?", it is because I am leaving it overnight and will take 20 hours to reply, it is to prevent it from getting buried or glitched in the GTS. Therefore, request only if there are no more giveaways you are going to participate.

To check if you got sniped:
* The Pokemons I am sending out are shiny.
* Kyogre is Modest while the rest are Adamant.
* Kyogre has 5IVs (0 in ATK) while the rest has 6IVs.
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@gkh1997 I don't know how no one has caught onto this giveaway yet lol maybe i'm first  Smile

Request #1
IGN: Ian
Deposited: Emolga | 49 | Female | Pokeball
Requested: Kyogre (Modest)
Message: I want to fill my Pokedex.

Thanks!  Shy
Yeah, that is wondrous, but let me participate!

Deposited : Emolga Male Lvl.53
Wanted ; Assault vesy Kyogre
IGN : Rainwald

Thank you!
IGN: Naineezy
Deposited: Emolga Lvl 1 Female
Request: Rayquaza holding Life Orb
Please trade Pokémon with me. Thanks in advance.
@element_x49 ,
@eisenaudi14 ,
@Odizie ,

sent to all three! Smile
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IGN: Cruz Control
Deposited: Emolga, Male Lvl. 52 in a Pokeball
Requested: Rocky Helmet Groudon
Message: I want to trade for the Pokemon that is strong in battles.

Thank you! :D
@Keith_Kuruzu , sent! Smile
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Request #2 thank you for the Kyogre!
IGN: Ian
Deposited: Emolga | 55 | Female | Pokeball
Requested: Groudon 
Message: I want to fill my Pokedex.

Thanks!  Smile
Hi @gkh1997

Deposited: Emolga, Lv. 1, Female
Requested: Rayquaza - Life Orb (Naive)
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.

Thank you! Smile
@element_x49 , sent! Smile

@ONESUNBEINGNOW , sent! Your Rayquaza will be Naive nature since you mentioned it. Smile

Regarding GameFAQs community, it is a very united Pokemon community, we took care of one another. Smile

There are also guilds willing to help beginners, as long as they are not greedy and are willing to contribute. Smile

You can find me in the guild Noctowl's Nest. Smile

Regarding most of the former r/pokemongiveaway giveaway hosts, most of them are in Solgaleo's Pokepuff, Wonder Trade Guild, etc. Smile

Pokemon Forever is also a decent Pokemon community. In my opinion, they have the best moderation team as compared to Reddit, Smogon, Azurilland, Serebii, etc.
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