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[CLOSED] FT: Name your price. LF: specific legends+ non legend.
Hi all

looking for some legends for someone, you need to be 100%sure they are legit caught. No hacks/genned/emunand/etc. (You never know who comes at door complaining) I do accept clones.

Shiny Reshiram. [Image: Reshiram01.gif~c200]

Shiny Tornadus. [Image: latest?cb=20120627040108]

Shiny Type null.[Image: 122b2bfad9a1fd73c9efe7ec80a122b43f958739_hq.gif]

FT: Name your price. I can clone for you and give you the original back. Or i can gen/create/edit for you 6 mons of your choice. (They become legal not legit, can be used online battle spot/ battle tree.)

Or you can pick some stuff from here:
Walk with me, talk to me, run with me. Don't stalk me.


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