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[CLOSED]Need help evolving electivire (you can get one)
Hello,as the title says i need some help evolving my electabuzz's to electivire.I have 4 of these guys,YOU can get ONE.They were all bred by me today.No cloning,not hacking Smile Some info:

Nature:Careful (for those who don't know,it means more sp.def,less sp.atk)
Lvl:30 (just evolved to electabuzz)
Egg moves:Hammer arm,fire punch
Iv's:3 of those have 5ivs.Mine has nickname so it won't get mixed.You'll get one of the other two.Last guy has 4 iv's nvm him Smile

You won't give me electrizier.I have 4 of those.All you need to do is trade with me and then give me back 3 of those.You will keep one Smile If you want nickname let me know.First comes gets it Smile Thanks for reading,happy hunting!
sure thing just add and lets go :D
(Nov 11, 2015, 11:56 AM)Feax Wrote: sure thing just add and lets go :D

Good to hear Smile Can you wait like 20mins?Got some little thing to do.And do you want nickname?
take your time ^^ ; no thanks
Sorry for keeping you wait.I'm almost ready.
np i am waiting , take your time
I'm adding you.And logging in.
I sent you trade but no response.Ign is Jaamon(it's my AlphaSapphire name).Take the last electabuzz for yourself btw.
I might have given you the 4iv one.Gonna check.
Gonna double check after trade.Thanks for helping Smile Enjoy your electivire!

Update:You got the right one Smile

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