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[CLOSED] Shiny BR Tao Trio Giveaway
Requested: Kyurem
IGN: Kaze
Deposited: Gumshoos (WITNESS) | Level 29| Female | Greatball

Thanks again!
Pokemon Wanted: Kyurem
IGN: Sancho
"It is not my way to tackle obstacles, it is my way to solve them. One may know how to climb a mountain, but one may never climb it" - Divayth Fyr

My trade shop Dead and needs repairs.

Deposited: Gumshoos nicknamed "WITNESS" lv 23 female
Requested: Reshiram (for Kyurem White )
IGN: Milah
Message: I want to fill my pokedex
@TimeTwist - sent
@Haru - sent
@Agusontoro - sent
@PraiseGiratina - sent
@Yugimoto12 - sent
@movedota - sent
@MightyDusty - sent
@KazeFP - sent
@TheAlmightySancho - sent
@MS21 - sent

Enjoy Smile
Why Not Zoidberg?
IGN : Cruz Control
Deposited Gender & Level of Witness : Male Lv. 55 in an Ultra Ball.
Message : I want to trade for a Pokemon that is strong in battles.
Wanted : Zekrom

 Thanks again! :D
Final addition to complete requested Kyurem-White set;-)
Already requested Reshiram

Deposited: Gumshoos nicknamed "WITNESS" lv 22 male
Requested: Kyurem (for Kyurem White)
IGN: Milah
Message: I want to fill my pokedex

Pokemon Wanted:  Reshiram (
Kyurem-White )

Pokemon Deposited: Gumshoos / WITNESS
Level: 25
Gender: Female
pokemon wanted Kyurem White

Pokemon deposited: lv 43 gumshoos nicknamed witness
Requested : lv91 or higher reshiram
message:please trade pokemon with me
Hi! I'm back for a last request for this giveaway.

Deposited : Gumshoos named WITNESS Female Lv.57
Wanted ' Zekrom
Ign : Rainwald

Thank you! For the pokemons
Pokémon Wanted: Zekrom
IGN: Agus
deposited: WITNESS Gumshoos lvl22 female

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