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[CLOSED] The ghost of Halloween Part 1. Minor upgrade inside. Page 3 is last.
Hi to you all.

Just thought of this 2 seconds ago:

There will be a surprise at the end

1 proofed event to the first 3 on page 2.

The proofed event for the first 3 will be same for all 3

[b]Page 3 will be the last page to acquire the pokemon listed below.[/b]

@BlueHoboJoe You can choose 1 proofed event from here=

@turtkko Since you are second you get the same event that Blue Hobo picks
@Ubi49 You are third and get the same as the 2 above.
@BlueHoboJoe Check pm for info fc let me know when ya can trade.
@turtkko Check pm for info fc (pm= private message) let me know when ya can trade.
@Ubi49 Check pm for info fc- let me know when ya can trade.
I will be giving away for free 2 battle ready Ghost Pokemon.

Read /follow the rules below.

1)Do not double post. If you forgot to add something just click on ''Edit'' feature.

2)You will get both Pokemon. But you get your first on page 1. And the second on the next page of it etc. (example on page 2 you get your first and on page next your last.

3)This will be done via GTS

4)Nickname your pokemon ''Halloween''.

5)If i don't see the specific nicknamed pokemon you get skipped.

6)Check your Alerts above the page to see if you got called from a tag etc.(to make easier for you)

7)They are clones/edited pokemon that can be used on Battle spot/battle tree etc.

8)Happy hunting.

Here are the Ghosts of part 1.

[Image: JZ7ktuD.gif]
Ghostium Z(Can't send this)(I add 1 bottle cap)
Ability: Natural Cure
Level: 100
EVs: 132 HP / 252 Atk / 52 Def / 68 SpD / 4 Spe
Nature: brave
IVs: 1 in Spe
Moves:Trick Room-Will-O-Wisp-Wood Hammer-Phantom Force
OT:Ra y

[Image: 01d807e1424735455414da340538b61d3e0649de_hq.gif]
Ability: Frisk
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Nature: Adamant
Ivs: 31 in all
Moves:Shadow Sneak-Shadow Claw-Will-O-Wisp-Destiny Bond

GTS: method example below

Deposited:??? Magikarp/Pup/Gastly (any low lv pokemon to prevent sniping)

Lv of Deposited: ???
Lv requested: 91 to 100 (to prevent snipes)
Nicknamed: Halloween

I will put below updates of ''sent/deposit now'' etc.

@Saichi ,. Sent. Trevenant+Banette page 1+ P-2. Enjoy
@bloodstains4 Sent. Trevenant page 1. Enjoy.
@METADUXOS Sent. Trevenant page 1. Enjoy.
@TheAlmightySancho Sent. Banette Page 1. Enjoy.
@Yumi Panda Sent. Trevenant Page 1. Enjoy
@OmarXP Sent. Page 1+page 2 Trevenant+Banette. Enjoy
@Ubi49 Sent. Page 1 Trevenant+Banette on page 2. Enjoy (You are third on page 2)
@spice_cadet Sent. Page 1+P2 . Trevenant+Banette. Enjoy
@Chewbacca Sent. Page 1+ p3. Trevenant Shiny+Banette. Enjoy.
@BlueHoboJoe Sent. Page 2+P3. Banette+Trevenant. Enjoy (You are first on page 2)
@turtkko Sent. Page 2+P3. Trevenant Shiny+Banette. Enjoy. (You are second on page 2)

@framor93 Sent. Page 2+P3. Trevenant+Banette. Enjoy.
@Chansey Sent. Page 2. Banette. Enjoy
@SmartZelda Sent. Page 2. Banette. Enjoy
@bendikr Sent. Page 2+P3 Trevenant+Banette. Enjoy.
@Tenebris_Kane Sent. Page 3= Banette. Enjoy
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Bio upgrade:
I deposited a lvl 2 pikipek female nicknamed Halloween for trevenant ign is hawkeye
I deposited a lvl 6 male abra for Trevenant. IGN is Seira
In-game Name : Alex
Trevenant requested
Deposited:Nidoran Female
Lv of Deposited: 1
Nicknamed: Halloween
Damn, everyone wants their trevenants today.

IGN: Sancho
Pokemon Deposited: Zubat, male
Lvl of Deposited: 22
Lvl requested: 100
Nicknamed: Halloween

There just aren't enough ghost-type giveaways. There are even less dragons, though, and they're my favourite type Sad
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IGN: Yumi
Pokemon Deposited: Litten, F, Lvl 1
Nicknamed: Halloween
Requested: Trevenant, Lvl 91 or higher

Thanks a lot
IGN: Omar
Deposited: Machop
Nickname: Hallowee​​​​​​n
Gender: Female Lv: 11
Requesting: Trevenant 91 or Higher
Thanks for the giveaway!

IGN: Félix
Deposited: Metapod
Gender of Deposited: Female
Lv of Deposited: 7
Requested: Trevenant Lv 91 or higher
Nicknamed: Halloween
deposited:  abra (Halloween)
gender: female
level: 6
requested:Trevenant (lvl 91 or higher)

Deposited: Magikarp

Lv of Deposited: 1 male
Lv requested: 91 to 100 (to prevent snipes)
Nicknamed: Halloween

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