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[CONSOLE] Anyone looking forward to the Switch?
I watched the presentation which you can see here. Personally I think the new games they showcased looked really good particularly the new Mario game. $300 is what is to be expected for a new system at launch. GameStop revealed that an additional Joycon controller will cost $100 so I hope Pro controllers are cheaper. Also they announced there new online subscription service so I really hope the Pokemon Stars rumors are false because I don't wanna pay the $5 dollar a month online fee. Anyone else kinda excited  :P
Not really to be honest. I would only buy it if there's a cool pokemon game coming out on it
For me, I'll probably wait a year, see the game library, then most likely buy it. I used the same system when I bought my Nintendo 2DS in 2013.

I like tea.
Honestly saying when it comes out there will only 4 games, I will wait a couple of months. All though, I cant wait for Super Mario Odesy and Breath of the Wild (I dont care for motion controls and I just dont like Splatoon) Although, I will defintly be buying it
Just read Mario Kart 8 deluxe offers no new tracks. So for $60 you get 3 new characters, the DLC from the Wii U version and get to spend $5 a month to play online. I really wanna like the Switch but man they are making it hard on the wallet.
I'm buying it at launch, largely because I watched a video that had Breath of the Wild graphics on Wii U and Switch side by side. That convinced me right quick. Besides the fact that it's all but confirmed there will be a Pokemon game on the Switch, and I don't see much point in waiting. Might as well have it.
Nope yet!

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