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[DISCUSSION] Ditto 6 iv possible to be caught on raids.
Hi all.

Since i couldn't find a proofed video on youtube in the english version of Youtube, in which trainers catch a ''6ivs'' Ditto, because instead i saw only guides as ''how to get 6iv''.

I felt like sharing what i just found, for those that wanted to know if it is for real possible to get a ''Non hacked'' 6ivs in legit ways, hoping it helps some of you. (I at first thought some were not to be trusted on social media, but after seeing that, it may be better than expected)

According to a Korea video gameplay , which you can find below, you see someone catching a 5 star raid Ditto, which turns out to have 6 ivs ?

[Image: Screenshot_20.png]
That's crazy! I've onnly been able to get 4Ivs
Hi @Newdll , my first farming Ditto were for 2 days multiple 4ivs with Wishing piece inserting every time, but day after i got lucky with 2x 5ivs (different ivs) in less than a hour.

Are you using 4ivs to breed at moment ?
yeah, sadly.. cx
I saw you needed a 6iv in some old post, when i got my 5ivs i gave up on trying for 6iv, because with some 5iv you can get a 6iv faster from trades( i got multiple with the help of 0 speed 5ivs)

At moment i'm trying a new reset on another console to get 0 Atk 5iv Ditto(since it has been wanted a lot by traders on social) but is harder this time than i imagined, i wonder if it has to do with the "Date"

I heard about that! Changig the date to exploit the shiny odds, and the natures. I figured that doing it day by day was slower but easier instead of by year. However,, I haven't tried the method out myself.
By the way, this is my 100th post. I'm glad it was on your thread, and thank you for letting me spam it a bit. Smile
For some they are considered " not allowed" but for others " legit", but i think they are good because they are part of the game+ system, which the makers could have prevented them by checking them before releasing the games.

Btw, congrats on 100th post, 0:, i wonder if tsome of the old rules are still used, since they were of 2016,

" double posting" rule. You know how edit works ?


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shhhh no one has to know ;3

and yeah, well, if it's in the programming, I dont see it as an problem. No matter how frustrating it is XD
Thing is, since little i grew up with following rules, i learned to always respect rules of someone else's House , but yeah, maybe sometimes the eye can be closed, Christmas almost 0: ?

Anyway, Yesterday i got this Ditto 30/31/31/31/31/30 (hp psychic), then i inserted a Poll somewhere on socials, and majority were higher on " reset", so i did.


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