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[DISCUSSION] Do you want help filling your pokedex?
I have a bit of a predicament as you can read about here, and something like this would help me A LOT. I bought an entirely new copy of Y for the sole purpose of putting an entire dex in at once, getting my shiny charm as early as possible, and starting the came off like that (and I intended to do the same someday for Alpha Sapphire), and I just screwed it up. 

I would prefer something like that being a giveaway but tbh it doesn't matter much. I just want to fix this so I don't feel so dumb. / v \"
First, I would like to thank everyone who posted a message voicing their opinions on this. So, I've decided what I want to do.

1) I will be doing this, helping people fill their dex

2) It will be in gen 6 since shiny charm in gen 7 is easy

3) All pokemon are either bred/caught by me or provided to me through the kindness of the community

4) It will be in the Trading subcategory since I am not giving away the pokemon

5) I might ask people to help with this if it gets too hectic

6) It will be coming soon, I only need a couple more pokemon

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