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[DISCUSSION] Dunsparce - Potential to Evolvution !
Hi everyone, while i saw lots of talk about Dunsparce these days, it came to mind that i remembered some legends/myths about some giant flying Snakes which resemble in some ways Dunsparce, and so, i wanted to see who also wanted it to become a reality ?

On 2 specific episodes Ash tried to catch one... But guess what ?

Ash could not catch it in both episodes !

[Image: Dunsparce-592.gif] Bigger (second time)

[Image: Dunsparce-34111.gif] smaller (first time)

Do you all remember the episode of Sandile ? Where it followed someone and later became partner ? (I won't tell who to skip spoiler)

What if the same thing happened with D-U-N but in another way ? (To make it unique, more entertaining) A mystery! (Think about it, how it would be possible for a 3 stage Dun)

What are your Opinions on this ? Do you think Ash will ever catch one ? (I do, cause 3 is a number that has a chance !)

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