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[DISCUSSION] Gen 8 New Battle System Rumors?
I wonder if you guys have heard of these new rumors about the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokemon game.

Apparently, the source for these new rumors are the same people who revealed the existence of Team Rainbow Rocket in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon before the game release. In sum:
  • There will be a new, simplified battle system (which has been compared to that of the Digimon World games).
  • There will be no new Mega Evolutions introduced in the new games
  • Z-Moves return and now use motion control to activate using the Joy-Cons
  • Central plot revolves around the conflict between tradition and innovation
  • Region inspiration has been rumored to be Spain or Italy
  • Release to come late 2018 (~December) or early 2019
It is important to emphasize that there has been no official confirmation from Nintendo or Game Freak though, so these are really just rumors.

But if this is true, I'd be very disappointed that they'd completely change the traditional turn based battle system that they've established for 20 years. This would totally mess up competitive battling...

Do you guys have any thoughts?
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Has it been confirmed that the next gen of Pokemon games will be on the Switch? Because they do console Pokemon games all the time (Stadium, Coliseum, XD, etc.).
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I'm pretty sure all the main-series games are confirmed to be on switch from now on, USUM was announced as being the last DS Pokemon games.
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@Hojunhu @TheAlmightySancho as far as my knowledge goes, Nintendo has confirmed at the E3 2017 that Game Freak is already working on a Switch-exclusive "core RPG" Pokemon game. Whether this game would be a continuation of the main series titles, however, I can't say.

But I do know that the director of Game Freak, Shigeru Ohmori, said in a recent interview to IGN that they are "really treating Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the culmination of our work with the 3DS system." So we may reasonably say that the next main series will be on Switch.

PS: The Pokemon company apparently announced a line of merchandise titled 'Look Upon the Stars' in April this year. I don't understand Japanese, but I'm guessing that this is not related to the upcoming Switch game.
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Eh, don't count on it entirely.

Plot conflict seems interesting though, keep an eye on that IMHO
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