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[DISCUSSION] Have you ever had animals ?
Sad Hey so been a while
I don’t know how the pet shop managed to look after the animals
Bad reviews, didn’t get a pet after paying, now bankrupt and closed for the 3rd time.
We didn’t get the chihuahua after a whole year. Oh and I learned that my first cat was still alive! Then... he got hit by a speeding car. Full on flipped. Still didn’t stop, and someone down a few houses claimed it was theirs. Microchip said otherwise. Where were they in his time of need? The Tarantulas, snakes and bearded dragons died, the husky rehomed. It’s just 6 chihuahuas now. One of them had an epileptic fit that they almost didn’t get out of a few weeks ago. Sorry this got negative, I just felt like I needed to get it out.

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