Poll: How often should giveaways be?
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Weekly, more themes but less pokemon
5 23.81%
Monthly, more pokemon but less themes
16 76.19%
Total 21 vote(s) 100%
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[DISCUSSION] How often should I do my giveaways?
I'm contemplating on changing my giveaway styles. First, the genning thread will never go away for as long as I am here. The main question I have for you is this...
Should I do weekly giveaways with less pokemon or monthly giveaways with more pokemon? With weekly giveaways, I'd be able to cover more topics/themes, but I would have to limit the pokmon to around 3-4. If I continued with monthly giveaways, I wouldn't do as many themes, but the amount of pokemon in each giveaway would be close to 8-10. I would really appreciate if you took a couple of seconds to vote. Once I feel like I've received enough votes, I will decide. If you have any ideas for future giveaways, you can post them here as well. So far I have these ideas from other users

Eeveelution themed
Other themes (strongest of the types, fossils, etc.)
Gen 6
BR Fossils
Popular pokemon
World Champion winners
Fandom pokemon
Mystery Dungeon
6 pokemon per person: giveaway
Cow(moo) giveaway
Special/Popular events (Shiny zygarde, v-create victini, etc)
I think monthly works well because then you don't get backed up with so many requests
(Jan 18, 2018, 07:25 PM)Kris Wrote: I think monthly works well because then you don't get backed up with so many requests

I agree with Kris!
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Yeah, I think you should go monthly. Don't want you getting too overloaded.
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I also agree that monthly works out better for you.  You already do the genning thread for a month so you can cycle between that and a giveaway thread to make things easier for you.

As for giveaway ideas, after taking a look at Serebii's news page, it appears that a new monthly promotion is going on in the UK and US starting February for Shinies.  June is gonna be the big one since they'll be giving out legit Shiny Zygarde for once.

Maybe you can do a Shiny Zygarde giveaway some time after June.  Tongue
Both have their pros and cons I guess. Weekly means more frequent access to genned mons for the community, which is good when wanting to try out teams, or get teams fast for special occasions. This is limited in the samller amount of mons u can get at a time. Monthly means larger bunches of mons, but less frequent access. Personally, I'm just glad that a genning thread exists so I'm good either way. Weekly probably suits my needs the most though, since I usually require a small amount of very specific mons, rather than a bigger bunch of them.

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